About Us

A new concept of traveling, a new way of organizing and managing your passenger’s next trip to Europe and the world.

We are an incoming tour operator specialized in travel throughout Europe and the East. As a receptive agency, we offer the best solution for any destination in this continent, always giving our service a very personalized attention.

To achieve this, we study in each case the characteristics of each passenger adapting all the services to their profile, since our main goal is the full final satisfaction of the client.

Our international group of experts was founded more than 25 years ago from the hands of great professionals who were looking for new ideas in travel organization and to provide everything necessary for the exclusive service.


We provide exceptional, high-quality products and services. Our accommodations, buses and other land products are carefully selected according to each type of client.


We offer a wide variety of products at competitive rates. It is our job and interest that you get the best quality/price ratio.



We guarantee a quick response in 24 to 48 hours to the client’s request. This may change due to the existing situation of COVID-19 emergency.


We work with know-how and sincerity since we believe that satisfied and happy customers are repeat customers.

We have dedicated our career and life to tourism.

Whether it’s a tour package, a bus service, a creative custom-made itinerary, a choral performance, a pilgrimage, guided tours, we are equipped to satisfy your clients’ needs and wishes. We can count on a large network of collaborators from all over the world, which grants us a wide selection of hotels with allotments at your disposal.